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Game Day Munchies!!!

How many of you are going to or hosting a Super Bowl party? How many of you are pumped for the game (or maybe just the awesome commercials) but are trying to stay healthy? I have some links to some recipes that will blow your mind and the minds of the people who don’t care about eating healthy! Here we go!

Chicken Wings! Everybody loves chicken wings! Click here for some wings and here or here for something good to dip them in! The one for the wings says get whole wings but you can get ones already cut.

Meatballs! Click here for that one!

How about some shredded chicken? Maybe you are looking for some chips? How about some sweet potato fries or chips? The chip recipe calls for a dehydrator but you can use your oven.

And you CAN’T forget a sweet treat! How about some chocolate muffins? You know what is really good? Just frying up some bananas in coconut oil and drizzling them with honey and cinnamon….YUM!

Hope this gives you some ideas guys!

-Coach Torie


Hang Cleans and Push Press


For Time:

25 Calorie Row

25 Broad Jumps

25 Tire Flips

25 Wall Balls

25 Box Jumps

25 KB Swings

25 Jumping Lunges

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