Nap Time!

Ever feel guilty for taking a nap?  I know I do.  I often make fun of my Husband for taking them as well.  We live such busy productive lives that taking time for ourselves to do nothing but sleep, makes us feel like we are being lazy.  I recently came across this article from that talks about how naps can improve mental alertness, increase memory, learning and awareness.  All the more reason to take time out of your day to recharge.  Just make sure you sleep just the right amount of time, otherwise you may wake up feeling groggy.


Take as Much Time/ Rest as need to find…

 Find Max Weighted Pull up

 Find Max Height Box Jump

 Find Max weighted Dip





7 min AMRAP:

3 Overhead Squats

5 Toes to Bar

7 Candle Sticks to Levers

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